DNI Technique | International School of Professional Makeup

DNI Technique

DNI TECHNIQUE is an exclusive method of teaching Makeup developed by DNI SCHOOL teachers based on the precept “ less is more ”.

Its creators have developed an original, unique and soulful teaching system which transforms the learning of this discipline into something both creative and technical.

Our high performance programs have been designed to get the most out of student skills in the shortest possible time and to optimize their professional performance.

We use the broader and more enriching method of knowledge transmission for the complete training of a professional, an innovation compared to traditional teaching methods which are purely technical.

Our Technique

Students will reinforce their knowledge of the face where they will be surprised by the beauty and the practicality of the terms and techniques which support the method:

The arabesque and its grades, reinforcement lines, decorative or constructive, back and forth movements applied to the gradient, the directed profile applied to the lips, the brush technique in the lying position or the dry point, the flat shadow, pointillism or stamping, the radial technique, the invasive or the retroactive …

And a long etcetera which offers the didactic model of DNI TECHNIQUE in the study of make-up.