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About Us


It is the only Makeup and vocational school in Spain accredited by IMA (International Make Up Association) for training and obtaining the international professional certificate valid in 35 countries.

Research, quality and experience have enabled DNI SCHOOL to train the best professionals for over 35 years and to become a High Performance School of reference for the professional sector focused on the Image.


In our school, we know that the profession is learned by doing, and that is why we give such vital importance to practical activities.

Our students carry out internships which will bring them as close as possible to the work situations they will encounter during their professional career: outdoor make-up, photoshoots, catwalk, theater, cinema, television…

We collaborate with institutions at the national level where our interns will carry out internships on real projects.


DNI SCHOOL’s contribution to the current educational landscape is to have introduced new concepts in teaching methods. Which reinforce the learning systems of these emerging professions: Make-up, Color Analysis and Image Consulting . The success of our make-up and image consulting courses, is that everyone achieves their own goals. Not only do they learn the techniques, but become top professionals.


Our technique evolves at the rate of market needs. Our tailor-made training has enabled us to have a large number of well-trained professionals working at national and international levels.

Before, during and after your training, we guide and support you. We understand that experimentation and practice go hand in hand, so that students’ external internships become a fundamental pillar of the training method. And that the theoretical foundations which underlie these practices are its backbone: to move forward you have to be ready. After your training, we advise and help you if you want to start your own business.